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It is the personality of the therapist, their ability to listen, and the connection they make with the client that dictates success or failure in therapy.

Substance Abuse

Spouse nagging you about your drinking? Missing family events? Boss hassling you about missing Mondays and Fridays? Does your drug use cost as much as a car payment?
I can help. Let’s talk…


Feeling sad? Can’t get off the couch? Dragging yourself to work? Everything feel boring? Have you recently lost interest in your favorite pastimes or hobbies? No motivation to do ANYTHING?
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Gambling Problems

Traveling down to the Casino all the time? Scratch or lottery tickets eating up your paycheck? Do you owe your bookie a lot of money?
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Are you nervous? Do you worry all the time? Do you miss events because it feels too overwhelming? Having trouble sleeping? Fidgeting? Easily startled?
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Feeling road rage? Arguing with co-workers? Fighting with your spouse and kids? Getting into physical fights? Do you feel like you’re continually on the brink, or on edge?
I can help. Let’s talk…


Sex Addiction

Is your spouse complaining about you watching pornography? Are you visiting massage parlors and prostitutes? Are you engaging in webchats?
I can help. Let’s talk…

I can help. Let’s talk…

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Why you should choose me as your therapist:

I have over 25 years experience helping 1000's of people just like you.

I am different from your average therapist. I am a straight talker. I like to get right down to the issues that you bring to treatment.
While we are tackling the issues, I am supportive and empathic.

You may prefer to work with a male counselor - most of my fine colleagues in Western Massachusetts are women.