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About Michael

I am a licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker. I am also a licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor in the state of Massachusetts. I began working in the counseling field in 1986 at Crozier House in Worcester, MA. Since then I have worked in numerous facilities in Central and Western MA. I received my Certificate in Alcohol and Drug Counseling in 1990 and my Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Connecticut in 2000.  You will benefit from my 20+ years experience in the counseling field.

I believe that an honest, open, and caring relationship is at the bottom of the counseling experience. We will build a safe, consistent relationship in which we can explore your issues and develop solutions. I am open and engaging and offer to help you find answers to the problems that brought you here. I have been called a “straight talker”. I have learned that it is the personality of the therapist, their ability to listen, and the connection they make with the client that dictates success or failure in therapy. I think that these are necessary qualities to have when we are dealing with some of the baffling problem in your life. I look forward to hearing from you.

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